Kong, a leading API platform, has recently announced that it has raised $100 million in a Series D funding round. The funding was led by Tiger Global Management, a prominent investment firm known for its investments in technology companies. With this latest round of funding, Kong’s valuation has reached an impressive $1.4 billion.

The Rise of Kong

Kong has quickly emerged as a key player in the API management space, providing organizations with a comprehensive platform to manage and secure their APIs. APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are the backbone of modern software development, enabling different applications and systems to communicate and share data seamlessly.

The demand for API management solutions has been on the rise as businesses increasingly rely on APIs to connect their applications and services. Kong has capitalized on this trend by offering a robust platform that simplifies the process of building, deploying, and managing APIs.

Expanding Market Opportunities

The latest funding round will enable Kong to further expand its market presence and accelerate its product development efforts. With the increased investment, Kong plans to invest in research and development, hiring top talent, and expanding its global footprint

Kong’s CEO, Augusto Marietti, expressed his excitement about the funding round, stating, “This investment is a testament to the growing importance of APIs in today’s digital landscape. We are thrilled to have Tiger Global Management on board as we continue to innovate and deliver value to our customers.”

Driving Innovation in API Management

Kong’s success can be attributed to its commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach. The company offers a wide range of features and capabilities that empower organizations to streamline their API management processes.

One of Kong’s key offerings is its API gateway, which acts as a traffic cop for API requests, ensuring that they are routed to the appropriate backend services. This helps organizations to scale their APIs, improve performance, and enhance security.

Additionally, Kong provides a comprehensive set of tools for API documentation, testing, and analytics. These features enable developers to easily create and manage APIs, monitor their performance, and gain valuable insights into API usage patterns.

Expanding Ecosystem and Partnerships

Kong has also been actively building partnerships and expanding its ecosystem to provide customers with a seamless experience. The company has established strategic alliances with leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, to offer integrated solutions that leverage the power of these platforms.

Furthermore, Kong has a vibrant community of developers and contributors who actively contribute to the open-source project. This community-driven approach has helped Kong to rapidly evolve its platform and stay ahead of the competition.


Kong’s latest funding round and valuation are a testament to the company’s strong position in the API management market. With its innovative platform, commitment to customer success, and expanding ecosystem, Kong is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for API management solutions.

As businesses continue to embrace digital transformation and rely on APIs to connect their applications and services, Kong’s comprehensive platform will play a crucial role in enabling seamless integration and secure communication. With the support of Tiger Global Management and its growing customer base, Kong is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.


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