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The real estate industry in Mexico has been ripe for disruption for some time now, and, a Mexico-based proptech startup, is leading the charge. Recently, the company announced a $20 million funding round led by Anthemis, a venture capital firm that specializes in fintech and insurtech investments. This partnership is poised to transform the real estate market in Mexico, and it’s worth taking a closer look at what both companies bring to the table.

The Problem with Traditional Real Estate in Mexico

The traditional real estate market in Mexico is fraught with challenges for both buyers and sellers. For buyers, the process of finding a property can be time-consuming and frustrating, with limited access to reliable information about available properties. Additionally, the process of securing financing can be difficult, as many lenders require significant collateral or high-interest rates.

For sellers, the process of listing a property can be equally challenging. Traditional real estate agents often charge high fees and offer limited marketing services, making it difficult to attract potential buyers. Additionally, the lack of transparency in the market can make it difficult to determine the true value of a property. A Solution for Buyers and Sellers was founded in 2019 with the goal of revolutionizing the real estate market in Mexico. The company offers a platform that connects buyers and sellers directly, eliminating the need for traditional real estate agents. This approach allows for greater transparency and efficiency in the buying and selling process.

For buyers, offers a comprehensive database of available properties, complete with detailed information and photos. The platform also offers financing options, making it easier for buyers to secure the funds they need to purchase a property. For sellers, offers a range of marketing services, including professional photography and virtual tours, to help properties stand out in a crowded market.

Anthemis: A Partner with a Proven Track Record

Anthemis is a venture capital firm that has made a name for itself by investing in innovative fintech and insurtech startups. The firm has a proven track record of identifying promising companies and helping them grow and scale. Anthemis’ investment in is a strong endorsement of the company’s potential to transform the real estate market in Mexico.

In addition to providing funding, Anthemis brings a wealth of expertise and resources to the partnership. The firm has a deep understanding of the fintech and insurtech industries, which will be invaluable as seeks to expand its financing options and insurance offerings. Anthemis also has a global network of partners and investors, which could help expand beyond Mexico in the future.

The Future of Real Estate in Mexico

The partnership between and Anthemis has the potential to transform the real estate market in Mexico. By offering a more transparent and efficient platform for buying and selling properties, is poised to disrupt the traditional real estate industry. With Anthemis’ support, the company has the resources it needs to scale and expand its offerings, including financing and insurance options.

The real estate market in Mexico is ripe for disruption, and and Anthemis are leading the charge. By offering a more transparent and efficient platform for buying and selling properties, these companies are poised to transform the way people think about real estate in Mexico. As the partnership continues to grow and evolve, it will be exciting to see how it shapes the future of the industry.

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